1Connect & Register .
2Enter Access Code.
3Login & Happy Surfing 

If you still have problems, please let us know, by sending an email to support [ @ ] . Thank you!

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for the Use of the Telco OpenAccess Hotspot Service


Buy OpenAccess 250MB


Buy your OpenAccess Vouchers HERE using ECOCASH, TELECASH or any of the many other payment methods that we support!

Buy your voucher in 5 Easy Steps:

1) Click "BUY NOW" on your chosen Voucher denomination

2) Enter the NUMBER of Vouchers you would like to purchase in the column named "Units" and CONFIRM the purchase

3) Enter your email address and tick the box that says "Send my voucher by SMS" if you want to receive an SMS of your voucher PIN, accept the terms and conditions and PROCEED to payment

4) Choose your payment type (Ecocash, Telecash, VISA or Mastercard) and click MAKE payment

5) Enter your Ecocash / Telecash phone number / VISA or Mastercard details and click CONFIRM payment (your payment should be automatically processed after you enter your PIN number into your mobile phone) and the voucher will be displayed on the screen and SMS'd to your mobile number

6) Select "Click here to redeem your OpenAccess Voucher" in order to top up your account using the voucher PIN

7) Call 086-8300-0007/8/9 or support<at> should you face any challenges!

Welcome to OpenAccess - Zimbabwe's Number #1 On The Go Internet!




Openaccess is Zimbabwe's #1 "On-the-Go" broadband service brought to you by Telco Internet! Connecting with OpenAccess is really quite easy...

Connect -> Register -> Get Surfing! When you connect with OpenAccess you get 50MB absolutely FREE and you stand to win many more freebies as you continue to topup and use OpenAccess. In fact, why don't you introduce 5 friends to the OpenAccess network and get 200MB data absolutely free to use in whatever way you want!


Registering for OpenAccess is really as Easy as 1-2-3!!

Step 1: CONNECT: Find the nearest OpenAccess Hotspot and switch on the WIFI on your device to connect. Open your web browser and you will be taken to the Hotspot Portal page.

Step 2: REGISTER: If you are not already registered, click the Register button and fill out the form with the correct Mobile and Email details.  It is IMPORTANT that you put in the PROPER mobile number and email address because these are the details that will be used to CONFIRM, TOP-UP and RECOVER your account. Fill out the form and press the Submit button

Step 3: ENTER THE CODE: An authorisation code will be sent to your Mobile Number. Enter this authorisation code into the website at You will receive a confirmation SMS and Email at your registered mobile number and email address respectively. This confirmation email and mobile number will contain your username and password. (You can change your password later).

Step 4: LOGIN: Using the username and password that was sent to your mobile number or email address, log in to your the portal.



If you still have problems, please let us know, by sending an email to support [ @ ] . Thank you!

CALL SUPPORT HOURS - 086 8300 0050

Mon-Fri 24 hour helpdesk

Sat - 24 hour helpdesk

Sundays- 24 hour helpdesk


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